Ingenjörsfirma Ros AB

- för vattenrening och automatisering

Beautiful Leksand in Dalecarlia is the place where Ingenjörsfirma Ros AB is located.

The company makes constructions for water purification plants.

A company with long experience


For over 30 years we have constructed plants for water purification in many municipalities in Sweden, as well as in other countries. We have been in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Norway and Mosambique. The plants we make are for both groundwater and surfacewater.


Our vision is to establish long lasting relations to our customers, have knowledge about the process and be able to offer both mechanical and electrical installations.


The company makes installation plans, prefabricate pipes and parts of pipes in stainless steel at our workshop. By making both electrical plans and installation of them, and construction plans and installation of the filters, pipes and tanks we are able to minimize problems with coordination.




Ros-filter is a filter we have constructed ourselves. It consists entirely of stainless steel. Because the filter sand is still, the energy costs are kept low. Both particle coagulation and separation of the particles take place in the filter. Flushing is done automaticly and only when it is needed, wich keep the costs low for maintance of the filter. When flushing one filter, the others keep on producing water as usual.



If you want to read more detailed about how the filter works, click here.



Ingenjörsfirma Ros AB Telefon: 0247-644 70

Insjövägen 13

793 33 Leksand E-post: info@ros.se




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